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Organic lawn care provides natural support for healthier and greener grasses.  Our organic lawn care program consists of organic lawn fertilizers, organic weed control, and environmentally friendly mowing techniques.  


As opposed to chemical-based lawn treatments, organic lawn care programs promote natural and long-term lawn health.  Alternative chemical-based lawn treatments provides short-term, superficial benefits for lawns.  Below the surface however, artificial chemicals degrade healthy soils, pollutes groundwater and creates environments which fosters lawn pests.  


Debonair Lawn Care utilizes organic lawn fertilizers contains ingredients such as seaweed for potassium, bone meal for phosphorous, or feather meal for nitrogen.  We brew our own compost tea which is a natural fertilizer which promotes plant growth, increases nutrients for healthy grasses, and promotes healthier soils.


DLC also utilizes healthy lawn maintenance techniques.  Healthy lawns should be maintained routinely.  Lawn height, lawn thatch, and watering are very important when caring for any lawn.  We cut lawns at the proper height to promote efficient grass healing which leads to healthier root growth.  Also, by mowing properly, appropriate levels of mulch is created which continues to feed the lawns.  We will also leave tips for watering needs.  Based upon recent and anticipated rainfall, we can provide tips for adequate watering program.


DLC is also moving towards total electric lawn equipment. Electric equipment minimizes emissions and quieter alternatives for common gas powered equipment. 



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